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Spray Elastomers and Coatings

Eteco, Inc. polyurethane elastomers, polyurea elastomers and coatings are formulated to the highest standards providing VOC free, low cost, high performance, superior protection, chemical resistance, water proofing, excellent abrasion and impact resistance.

Our spray elastomers and coatings are used in applications such as truck bed liners, tank coatings, waterproof liners, secondary containments liners, architectural coatings, floor joint sealants, pipeline coatings, railcar coating, fire resistant coatings and many others. Our spray elastomers are formulated as polyurea (“SPL T” Series), polyurea-polyurethane hybrids and pure polyurethane (“SPL H” and “SPL HT” Series).

ProductHardnessTensile Strength (psi)Elongation (%)Tear Strength (pli)Gel TimeColorApplication
70D550010N/A15/td>TanClass I ASTM E84, Hard Coat
55D20005015025GrayMan Hole Liner
50D22002202809BlackBed Liner
70D6800537530TanStructual Support
45D320062038010Black/NaturalCorrosion Resistance for Concrete and Steel
60D34001504807Black/NaturalCorrosion Resistance for Concrete and Steel
75A240076027015Black/NaturalCorrosion Resistance for Concrete and Steel
80A2500780N/A15Black/NaturalCorrosion Resistance for Concrete and Steel
85A32502503501 hourBlack, White, ClearWeather and UV Resistance
N/A2400452004 hoursClear AmberConcrete Primer