Spray Elastomers and Coatings

Eteco, Inc. VOC free polyurethane elastomers, polyurea elastomers and coatings are formulated to the highest standards. Providing superior protection, chemical resistance, water proofing, and excellent abrasion.

Our spray elastomers and coatings are used in applications such as truck bed liners, tank coatings, waterproof liners, secondary containments liners, architectural coatings, floor joint sealants, pipeline coatings, railcar coating, fire resistant coatings. Our spray elastomers are formulated as polyurea (“SPL T” Series) and pure polyurethane (“SPL H”).

ProductHardnessTensile Strength (psi)Elongation (%)Tear Strength (pli)Gel TimeColorApplication
70D550010N/A15 sec.TanClass I ASTM E84, Hard Coat
50D240021044015 sec.TanHard Coat
65D550020N/A15 sec.TanHard Coat
55D20005015025 sec.GrayMan Hole Liner
50D22002202809 sec.BlackBed Liner
45D33003003106 sec.NaturalHard Coat
65D52007018011 sec.Off WhiteHard Coat
72D3300402806 sec.NaturalHard Coat
70D68005N/A45 sec.Natural/BlackClass I ASTM E84, Hard Coat
70D68005N/A30 sec.TanHard Coat
87A18002501706 sec.Natural/BlackHard Coat
87A18002501706 sec.Natural/BlackHard Coat
55D20005015010 sec.GrayHard Coat
68A23502153309 sec.NaturalHard Coat
85A30005803406 sec.GrayHard Coat
45D320062038015 sec.NaturalHard Coat
45D28006203806 sec.BlackHard Coat
60D52003206808 sec.NaturalHard Coat
48D61003504403 sec.NaturalHard Coat
60D34001504803 sec.BlackHard Coat
78A17006501508 sec.NaturalHard Coat
75A24007602708 sec.NaturalHard Coat
75A24007602708 sec.NaturalClass I ASTM E84, Hard Coat
50A20007602208 sec.NaturalHard Coat
80A25007803208 sec.NaturalHard Coat

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