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Flexible Pour Foam

Eteco, Inc. is a producer of wide spectrum of low, medium and high-density polyurethane flexible foams (“F” Series), flexible foams for prosthetics (“PF” Series) as well as specialty polyurethane flexible foams for shock absorption, noise and vibration dampening (“FD” Series).

Eteco, Inc. also offers spray version for sound and noise insulation polyurethane flexible foams (“SP F” Series). Eteco flexible polyurethane foams are widely use for seating, sound insulation, head rest, arm rest, head liners, instrument panels, sporting goods, toys etc.

ProductDensity (pcf)Cream Time (sec)Rise Time (sec)Tack Free Time (sec)Application
3.4 to 3.620 to 25180 to 220300 to 330Seating Foam, Medium to Soft; Low ILD
3.0 to 3.320 to 2570 to 90100 to 120Seating Foam, High ILD
1218 to 2590 to 140130 to 180Prostetics
3.2 to 3.615 to 20120 to 160200 to 240Seating Foam, Medium to Soft; Low ILD